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Gallery of Illustrations

Drawn by:
Tseluyko Viktoria, Tseluyko Sergey



On the magical night of New Year’s Eve, next to the house where the girl Natasha lives, incredible events start to transpire. The Fiery Bird comes from the 66th Realm and the huge evil rat, from the Kingdom of Evil. All of the Evil Powers are worried about the prophecy that this kind girl could destroy their Kingdom of Evil.


And then the Intuition Fairy comes to the girl and tells her that she can bring her parents peace, but in order to do that she must visit the SOURCE of Love. So Natasha begins the journey and takes her friends with her: Theodore the Cat, the Lizard Queen, and Owl.


In order to get to the SOURCE of Love the company first must go through the Kingdom of Evil. They travel through the Royal Cemetery, along two rows of crystal coffins that are filled with a green glowing liquid and where the dead royal ancestors are kept. The Royal ghosts fly out and attack the company.


The Queen of Evil discovers that the company is on their way to the SOURCE of Love and she tries to stop them. She wants to freeze them and leave them in the cave forever. But the friends escape through the secret underground tunnel where Natasha is almost eaten alive by a monstrous octopus.


After the friends still manage to escape, the Queen of Evil wants to learn from the Philosophical Stone how she can destroy the girl.


Natasha hears news about her future. She comes to the magical greenery where the little intuition fairies grow inside the flowers, and she talks to them.


Then the company comes to the neutral territory and travel by submarine to Aqualantica, the Underwater World of the Stolen Talents, where Natasha saves the immortality of the former emperor, Adrian the Priceless.

On the Neutral Territory Natasha meets the Purple Creatures from the 66th Realm. They are taking pictures of her, hoping to find out more about the energy of Love coming from the girl. The Purple Creatures are studying Love because their Realm does not have this feeling.