This story of adventure and valuable life lessons hooked me in from page one and held my interest to the end. With all the unusual characters, and surprising twists and turns, it was a perpetual joy to read. While ideally a children's tale, the wisdom within is such that it will appeal to adults as well. It is indeed a story crafted for all ages; one that I highly recommend for parents to read to their younger children -- or along with their older children. All will profit immensely.

Cliff Carle. Editor, Creative Writer, Publishing Consultant.
Los Angeles, California


A charming, and truthful and informative, story. Love is the power to which we all respond, even plants and animals. It is the currency upon which all good operates, and through this book one can see that love has the ability to overcome all, and the goal of man is to love God and others. A truly upbeat, uplifting, hopeful and joyous adventure.

Kathleen Marusak. Editor.
Orange County, California


This is the most interesting book in the world! I canít wait until the sequel is out!

Ksenia Kravchenko. 10 years.
Murmansk, Russia


This masterpiece could be created only with the help of the SOURCE of Love Himself! Reading this book not only brings a great joy to the children, but also teaches them about the values in life. They start understanding that their parents are the most valuable what they have in their life! This book teaches the children to love their parents and it teaches the parents to love their children! This book is a must read for every family!

Svetlana Dorofeeva. Teacher.
Moscow, Russia

My Dad and I were reading it whole weekend and didnít stop until we finished it. When I was reading it I could almost see a cartoon playing in my head! And your second book starts interesting too. Waiting for the sequel!

Alex Gorban. 8 years.
Moscow, Russia

Awesome book! If you donít want your parents to divorce, then give it to them to read. It has the Laws of Love.

Alena Ribnikova. 12 years.
Saint Petersburg, Russia

I read this book to my granddaughter Masha. She is 6 years old. And it is amazing how much imagination the author has! How could she think of so many interesting ideas! And not a single page that was boring. This book truly lifts the spirit! It brings you joy and makes you want to travel to this Kingdom of Kindness and Love! And then we realize that we can create this Kingdom by ourselves.

Tatyana Petrova. Retired.
 Kiev, Ukraine


Now I know what I need, so somebody would love me truly! Read this book and you will learn it too!

Katya Krasnova. 15 years.
Kiev, Ukraine


My 9 year old son Roman gave me this book to read. I read it non-stop and finished it in two days. And it completely turned my perspectives around. I realized that if my wife and I would read this book before our divorce, we would never divorce! Well, it is still not too late to fix everythingÖ There is so much wisdom in what seemed at first a childrenís book! It simply touches your heart and soul. And the Laws of Love, which the author received from the SOURCE, and which are passed on through this book, are a great gift for the entire mankind!

Nikolai Grinev. Engineer.
Moscow, Russia

All adventures are very interesting! And the underwater Aqualantica is the most interesting! In the second book, please, write more about Aqualantica.

Sergey Voronov. 11 years.
 Kiev, Ukraine

This deeply touching book will console a great number of people who had a mournful experience of losing their loved ones.

Valentina Nikolaichuk. MD.
Moscow, Russia

I believe that Natalia Scalise will soon be widely acknowledged not only as a writer, but also as a philosopher. The concept of the Magical Journey to the SOURCE of Love fairytale presents a deep philosophical perception on the existence of the humankind. Many sciences, teachings, and philosophies were created on Earth, but this fairytale is something beyond them, and much more vital for the people of our time.

Galina Timashkova. Editor.
Moscow, Russia