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Dear readers! I welcome you onto the magical journey to the SOURCE of Love!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Natalia Scalise and I would like to present to you my book, “The Magical Journey to the SOURCE of Love”.

One time during a surgery my heart stopped beating and I flew away to a different realm. Over there I met with the SOURCE of Love. The SOURCE gave me the Laws of Love, so I could pass them on to all people on Earth. Then he brought me back to life and I wrote this book. I wrote it as a fantasy fairytale for adults and children, which includes the Laws of Love and other knowledge that I gained during this journey. The Laws of Love are the secret to saving Love, and I am sharing it with you.

My book answers questions that have perplexed mankind since the beginning of time: Where did we come from into this life? What is the point and goal of our lives? What awaits us after this life? What is Love? Where can we find Love? Why does it go away? How can we save it? Where do negative emotions come from, such as fear, anger, doubt and irritation? How can we get rid of them? Can we radically change our destiny?

This book can be understood on many different levels. And it is suitable for all ages. A five-year-old can understand it at one level, a teenager will appreciate it at a different level, and people with a philosophical bent will find a deeper meaning hidden between the lines.

Nevertheless this book is fun to read. But I will leave it up to you, my dear readers, to judge how fun is my book to read.

Natalia A. Scalise      


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